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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

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Frankie Landau-Banks isn’t like the other girls at Alabaster Preparatory Academy, and she doesn’t really see why she should be. Yeah, she had just gone from an awkward, unnoticed 14 year-old to a knock-out 16 year-old, but who wants to live life getting by on looks alone? Though…one of the good parts about suddenly showing up on the radar is that Matthew Livingston finally noticed her. She has a boyfriend, now. A senior boyfriend.

After he starts disappearing and showing up in the oddest places with his friends, she knows he’s in an all-male secret society like the one her father was in when he went to school there. It’s SO obvious to her. Why won’t he just tell her?  Maybe he would if she proved to him how smart she was…how diabolical she could be. How she could be just like them – BETTER than them at their own game.  She’ll show them that she belongs if it takes pranking herself straight out of school!


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