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The Bechdel Test

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From feministfrequency.

Are the movies you are watching representing well-rounded female characters?

The Bechdel Test is a way to determine whether there is an active female presence in a film. There are three things a movie must have to pass the test:

1. At least two female characters who;

2. Interact with each other and;

3. Don’t just talk about men!

You would think it wouldn’t be so hard to find, but as evidenced in the video above from Femininst Frequency, it is!

If you think you have a good feel for what movies pass the Bechdel Test, try this:  think of 3 movies that you think will pass the test, and check out this movie list to see how many you get right. Sadly, it’s harder than it seems!  I only got two out of my 3 guesses right – Just One of the Guys (I had to dig back into my trove of 80s movies) and Easy A (which is, according to the website, up for debate!).


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  1. I loved learning about this from your presentation! Amazing how women are ignored in so many movies.

    • Thanks! I think this was my favorite post to pull together. In fact, I may have spent a lot more time than I should have perusing the movies on the website I linked.


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